JamesGoodliff_selfportraitb. 1979, Lindsay, ON Canada.

Born into a creative family, James was met with encouragement and studied in his youth with his grandmother (an accomplished artist) and participated in various youth art programs.

Throughout his education, James continued to focus and demonstrate a passion for visual media. He studied: photography, drawing, painting, 3D modeling, animation and graphic design.

Upon graduating (from Niagara College) with a diploma in commercial illustration and graphic design, James turned his attention to Fine Art and studied painting, receiving his bachelor’s from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Initially, James made his mark working as a graphic designer and later as an art director, primarily working within the North American publishing industry, specifically news media and lifestyle publications.

As a contemporary Canadian artist painting plein air or in studio, James primarily uses oil with brush and palette knife demonstrating a thorough knowledge and interpretation of scale, depth and light.

James’ work has been said to have a dreamlike quality, engaging the viewer through abstract forms, colour relationships, light and movement.

James has fine art hanging internationally in corporate and private collections and accepts commissions.



I’m a stormy weather, long walks on the beach, kinda guy. I feel a deep sense of connection with nature: the way light illuminates the forest floor; sparkles on the surface of rippling water and how the wind dances through the treetops and brushes the surface of long grass in the fields.

Inspired by nature, through art I aim to share my experience to make an emotional connection. Working in rich bold colours and heavy body abstract impressionistic forms, my paintings often have a very tactile finish.

I appreciate and enjoy, when viewing my paintings, people relate and often share with me an experience of their own and through this connection we are engaged. I paint because that’s what I do, I respect your reaction because together it’s a story…