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James created a custom piece for me to give my boyfriend's parents as a Christmas gift. I knew James was talented, but when I saw the piece I was absolutely blown away. I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful piece of work.

The painting was of the sunset from the dock of their family's cottage, and it was instantly recognizable. The colors worked beautifully together and you can see the passion that James has for art in the piece.

Stunningly beautiful and breathtaking, I am so happy with this piece.

Thank you, James! Such great talent!

Allissa    Toronto   

James Goodliff has captured the essence of this beautiful sunset. James' use of colour and texture to depict the last of the sun's warm rays peeking through the tree tops and softly falling on the still water is exceptional! Every time I look at it I'm drawn back to the tranquility of the cottage dock on a warm summer evening. We now have the view to enjoy everyday. Thank you to James and Graham and Allissa for a very special gift.

Pamela Procunier    Canada   

I am a potter in Fenelon Falls, my wife continues to study Art History. Visual Art is important in my life and home. I have several of James Goodliff's paintings. He is a master of colour and design. His eye is a remarkably well trained instrument. His paintings definitely work as realism and abstract impression/expressionism. The only thing more interesting than James Goodliff's landscapes are the paintings directly from his imagination which leave room for your own narrative. James Goodliff is still my favourite painter. His portraits are astoundingly accurate and expressive.

Peter McDougald    Fenelon Falls ON